About Us!

Welcome to the best place on the internet… well almost!

Where did it all start?

Chris and Caz both studied at EDC (East Devon College) when they were both still in their teens! Yep, a little while ago. Chris was studying BTEC Media but specialised in radio production. Shortly after starting his course Chris decided to apply to join the EDC Student Union, he was voted in as their Communications Officer. Through his love for everything Radio he convinced the EDC Student Union to setup a radio station for the campus and began running it alongside his Communications Officer role.

Chris hosted the main lunchtime slot on the station and after a short while decided to advertise for a Co-Host of the show. Many applications and trials later, he eventually found someone who he really gelled with on air – you guessed it, Caz! The Chris & Caz Show was born!

From the humble beginnings of a daily radio show to entertaining the college masses – hosting live events and performances to DJing and hosting some of the famous end of term college ‘Bashes’ – The Chris & Caz Show went from strength to strength.

As college finished and adulthood began, both Chris and Caz went their separate ways as they left college, but occasionally kept in touch.

Bored of the mundane – Chris dropped Caz a message and starting talking about the college radio days. Soon after that Caz trekked up to Bristol and they chatted about doing a few videos for Youtube.

The chemistry was obviously still there and they continued to make Youtube videos every few months. Just as they were getting going, the world went into Covid lockdown.

Out of lockdown – The Chris & Caz Show Live Podcast was born. A bit of a ‘Radio Show’ format and a fair amount of learning some of the new tech and all about podcasting and live streaming, the show started to take real form and get more and more popular.

The show then applied for a slot on Glitterbeam Radio – something both Caz and Chris are personally connected with in terms of the LGBTQ+ community. The rest they say, is history!

What is The Chris & Caz Show doing now?

We continue to do Youtube videos (When lockdown permits) which can be found on our Youtube channel here.

We are Live on Glitterbeam Radio every weekend from 4PM-6PM. You can listen here.

Chris hosts his own drivetime show as well on Glitterbeam Radio – ‘Just Chris – The Drivetime Show’. Live every weekday from 4-6PM. You can listen here.

The Podcast has now moved monthly. It’s a Podcast Live – so it’s streamed across Facebook, Twitch and via Stereo App as well – It can be found here.

What does the future hold for The Chris & Caz Show?

We’re always looking for opportunities – whether it’s syndication of the show or some of it’s features or interviews or collaborations. Get in touch – via our contact page.

I’m a band/artist, drag queen/king, general guest doing awesome things for the LGBTQ+ community and I’d love to be on the show?

Awesome! You can contact us via the contact link at the top of the page. There’s a different form for each type of guest so please make sure you pick the right one, you’ll get in touch a lot faster that way.

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