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The overall topic of tonight’s show was CV’s  – Who 100% tells the truth on their CV? Chris does a mock interview for Caz with some weird and wonderful questions from our listeners from interviews they’ve had in the past. We have another update from the Glitterbeam complaints department, more comments about Caz’ stitch up quiz the week prior! Special guest Jamie Rossiter AKA Jam Tart (drag queen) joins us for our Ask A Queen feature.

Some awesome music in the unsigned corner from CONFYDE and KATIE SKY.


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It’s definitely been a busy week for the show. If you’ve missed the announcement, we’ve been let loose on the Radio! We’ll be hosting the radio version of The Chris & Caz Show on Glitterbeam radio every Monday evening from 8PM – 10PM. Don’t worry, we’ll still be podcasting and showcasing some awesome new and unsigned music, with the usual banter on our podcast show – but now on Tuesday’s at 7PM!

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We start the show talking about the orgasmic sounds of the Chris & Caz Show – would you want to know if someone found your voice orgasmic? We both had a bit of an awful week and we talk about the mood of the country as it seems like everyone else has too! Dear Caz Agony Aunt – This week a Risky Reveal! Caz Challenges Chris on his song lyric knowledge – This time a blast from the past, the 90s. Chris is WINNER!

Music from – My Latest FailureIncarnateGreenness and TrannieBoi.

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Chris finds out that Caz is banned from FB again for the third time and now she risks having it deleted! We talk about ‘Covid Caz’ and the research that Caz recently took part in where they came to her flat. Chris talks about a program he watched on netflix about social media and it’s got him thinking about deleting his account – or he would do if it wasn’t for the fact he enjoys annoying Caz so much! We chat about doing night shifts as Caz has started her new rota at work. The usual Dear Caz – Agony Aunt and this time Chris challenges Caz on her knowledge of past tracks we’ve played on the show!

Music from – A Different ThreadNova UKThe Riviera Quartetand Chasing Deer.

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Second show in after Chris & Caz went on holiday and Chris is still pushing cash about the ‘Chip Shop’ incident! Will she reveal all soon? As a mock – Chris decides to change this weeks competition and challenge Caz on her CHIP SHOT knowledge instead with a FISHY QUIZ! The usual Dear Caz, Agony Aunt – This week a bit of RUMPY PUMPY.

Bit of a LOVE / Sea Side theme with this weeks music (Unintentional clearly!)

Music from – Mica Jane / Chris Gill / Gurl and Confyde!